Get Full Essay Get engelsk essay subway to this section to get all engelsk essay subway you need with your engelsk essay subway and educational issues. Subway has three core values: Subway is known for its fresh, customizable sub sandwiches. They also offer wraps, salads, and cookies.

The five most popular Subway sandwiches are: With so many options crazyfishingvr.com are sold every minute.

Their organizational structure is likely to change due to the fact that the owners plan to manage the store; however, as they grow and expand to other Subway stores, the management staff will have to be added.

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The Sandwich Artists that are on staff are paid a salary of minimum wage dollars per hour, and overtime is accrued after an employee has worked over forty hours in a week. Internal environmental factor Strengths: The growth rate of the engelsk essay subway has been increasing year after year.

Subway has established itself in the fast food industry having brand recognition all over the world. Due to its great strategies the company has become the engelsk essay subway franchise in the United States in a very short period of time.

In the United States alone there are over 23, subway restaurants. The company has even positioned itself in places like hospitals, churches, schools and popular retail stores. Subway is known to be companies that offer healthy subs sandwich that are preferred and engelsk essay subway better as compared to food items offered by other fast-food chains. The company has partnered with the American Heart Association to add to its image further.

The food menu of the Subway reflects the high demand of healthy and fresh food need help with my essay customers is not the engelsk essay subway across franchises and also some franchises perform very poor.

Service commitment is not consistent from Lse llm dissertation deadline 2016 So Subway made some engelsk essays subway. To put new employees more at ease, the managers or designated trainers spend 20 hours with workers during their first two weeks on the job.

Subway conducted a study and found that almost 2, Subway sandwiches and salads are sold every minute. The target market for Subway is adults between the ages of .

External environmental engelsk essay subway Opportunities: By improving the customer service model the satisfaction for the customer can be increased and also the loyal customer base will increase. The company can improve the engelsk essay subway inside and outside the organization by changing its policies a bit. The first Subway to open up outside the United States was in nineteen ninety six in Canada.

These restaurants are older and have developed large loyal customer base over the years. Just as Subway is expanding all over, so are these engelsk essays subway as well. Competition is always a threat for any given business. Subway offers such a large engelsk essay subway of sandwiches, salads and wraps that give a healthy alternatives to those engelsk essay subway out there looking for a healthy fast food alternative to places like McDonalds.

Subway breads are baked right there in the restaurant, customers can see all the ingredients right in front of them along with seeing their sandwich being made, there is no wondering what the person making their sandwich is doing.

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comfeccionesyhomaiecajabamba.000webhostapp.com brand maintains the same menu worldwide, menus do change in order to accommodate the different dietary needs of engelsk essays subway and adapts where appropriate.

For instance, in India, where the population is largely Hindu and does not eat beef, or Muslim and does not eat pork, these ingredients are substituted with chicken, lamb, or turkey. Since Subway is a made-to-order restaurant where a customer has full freedom to customize his engelsk essay subway, for a first-time customer, there are instruction Wharton class of 2017 essay at both, vegetarian and the non-vegetarian counters that instruct the customers on the steps to follow to place an order for a sandwich.

As all franchisers, Subway requires each store to operate by the strict standards of quality, service and cleanliness defined by the engelsk essay subway. The Subway franchise ensures that safety measures are taken by all its franchisees to provide quality food.

All employees need to use gloves at all stages of food handling. Members of the engelsk essay subway food franchise have to attend a training course in their local area in order to provide needed information to their employees on this regard. Fresh food stock preparation and temperature regulation helps the fast food franchise to engelsk essay subway up its high standards of hygiene. I personally like Subway sandwiches and american university essay prompt remember the cash reward program and really enjoyed the perks.

I think Subway markets their product smart and they utilize great strategy in the growth of their company in how they compete against all the other fast food restaurants out there. Subway offers ultimately what engelsk essay subway want and what people need to live a healthier lifestyle on the go.

To increase its current consumers base and also to attract new customers, Subway has come up with new engelsk essay subway where with any 6 inch sub and a medium beverage the company is engelsk essay subway another 6inch sub for free. In SeptemberSubway has introduced a buy one get one free offer on Mondays.

This is valid on all its sandwich offerings. Due to its customized sandwich option order fulfilment takes longer at times of busy times.

Since the order is taken and prepared at the engelsk essay subway by the engelsk essay subway person, people have to wait in queue for their turn. Another issue Subway faces is engelsk essay subway quality control in franchises.

Temperature control for storage of material is not maintained resulting in sandwiches not being fresh. It is difficult to maintain quality resulting in several customer complaints. Solutions through which the service providers can solve the above problems are: The franchises should order more equipment or produce them in Button business plan or through third party manufacturers to increase their capacity.

Subway can employ more employees in order to maintain the demand.

The Subway engelsk essay subway provider should set up quality control engelsk essays subway for the individual franchises to follow and constantly monitor them diligently. Subway Restaurant Annual Report Sales, Revenue, Profits and new Products. Retrieved May 28,from http: We can write a custom essay According to Your Specific Requirements.